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A Netcom Consultant works together with protagonists from Telecommunications, Aerospace, Media, IT, Automotive and Finance, using the most innovative technologies in a young dynamic multicultural working context.
According to their skills, their expectations and opportunities of the project, they can build an ad-hoc career in an international field which offers broad perspectives.
Netcom Consultants work together with a project team: from the development of technical analysis and the definition of industrial strategies to the design and implementation of solutions.
They have a training plan throughout their career.


Individual interviews, group interviews, and technical interviews are the cornerstones of the selection process.
Netcom offers exciting career opportunities at a national and international level. Thanks to a centralized database, each application can be accessed by companies of the Group so that there are an increased visibility and opportunity in the selection process. The selection process can include individual interviews and / or group interviews and technical meetings even in the presence of customers.
The selection process of the Business Manager is centralized and is part of an initial assessment which can last for half a day. Selected candidates meet the leaders of the various operating units with the following steps:

  • Cognitive Interview (Knowing Interview): soft skills, availability, pro-activity;
  • Technical Interview (Technical Interview): with division manager;
  • CQualification Interview (Qualification Interview): ahead of the project validation to examine the candidate’s skills and monitor interest in the project.

Netcom cooperates with universities and active and dynamic student associations: new graduates and undergraduates as future consultants.
Through technical courses, soft skills, seminars, and orientation events Netcom together with their consultants shares the evolution of their profession and the continuous updating of constant technology.

On- Going English language course in each location.

A personalized training plan with the principle of meritocracy accompanies collaborators throughout their career.
Managers and Consultants meet every year (Annual Report Evolution) to analyze:

  • the activities carried out during the previous year;
  • professional expectations;
  • training courses.

After the meeting, an “action plan” for the following year is drawn up. An update (follow-up), semi-annual, reviews the progress of the project in progress: an important time for the manager and the consultant, who address professional developments, and above all, the improvements in personal goals.

Human resources are supported by a specialized team that supports the Group companies through the development of projects and for the development of all resources, as part of the selection, career development, training and compensation policies.


Are you a dynamic, creative and oriented towards goals?
Have you got talent? Do you have your own way to adapt and have the ability to work in teams?
Join Netcom Group Spa and became a protagonist of technology transfer.
You too can be “force and engine” that powers the company’s growth.
You will benefit from a training program focused on developing your skills and take advantage of a team of experts with which to plan your professional growth.


An innovative choice for greater use of information, expertise and experience of the consultants is the use of a Technical Business Blog. This tool allows you to engage and exchange views on issues of technological innovation, gives technical support on request and helps with any problems encountered during work activities.

  • Collaborations with leading universities
  • Participation in Job Meeting, on the whole, national territory
  • EOne2one English training
  • TSpecialized training on technical and managerial issues
  • Balance of competence growth on an annual basis for each employee

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