Remote Services

In recent years, the concept of the workplace has undergone a profound paradigm shift, transforming itself more and more into what is now called the “digital workplace”. The advent of digital technologies and their massive diffusion have pushed companies towards a new operating culture and a different PDL management.

Relying on the NetCom Group means relying on an authoritative partner with over 20 years of experience, capable to ensure complete ownership of the implementation of remote work, relieving the Customer of the typical tasks of PDL management and the resolution of related problems. , facilitating workflows (despite an increasingly less defined corporate perimeter) and bringing value to the business as a whole.

The Remote Services division operates with a managed workplace support model capable of guaranteeing complete 24-hour assistance and timely interventions; this model concentrates the services offered in two types: Service Desk and Customer Care.


The services in the Service Desk area involve the use of appropriately skilled operators able to carry out an initial analysis and give immediate feedback in order to optimize resolution times. Secondly, if necessary, an operator more prepared on the technical front can intervene who, on the basis of the data provided by the colleague, will be able to solve the criticality encountered by the worker with an operation remotely and, when necessary, on-site.

For on-site interventions, the Remote Services division can rely on a capillary and qualified network of partners able to satisfy every customer need; in addition, the adoption of innovative tools integrated with the support processes makes it possible to guarantee interventions that have a high success rate.

The Service Desk offering:

  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact)
  • Management of multiskill and multi-level reports
  • Management, coordination, and execution of on-site interventions. Monitoring of IT infrastructures
  • How to Use support
  • Conducting project activities (Rollout, Migrations, Massive configurations) Possibility to use the Client’s tools or make available one’s own Multilingual


Customer Care services do not require particular technical skills, therefore in this area, the so-called soft skills are of greater importance, useful for giving immediate feedback to end-users, supporting them – practically and emotionally – probing the situation and asking questions to understand, precisely the type of problem to be managed, in order to optimize resolution times.

The high expertise gained in training in this type of service allows the Division to manage even highly critical services such as Emergency Response in the world of utilities or monitoring and assistance services for the world of large-scale distribution.

The Customer Care Offering:

  • Contact Center for administrative/commercial issues
  • Emergency Utilities H24 7 × 7
  • First Level Help Desk for structured case management
  • Back office activities
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey campaigns


Service Desk for Comdata

  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) H24
  • H24 monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • 1st and 2nd level support
  • Coordination and supervision on site
  • Conducting IT project activities

LLU management for Sirti / WIND

  • 2nd level management for analysis, resolution, and eventual dispatching for interventions on the territory
  • Monitoring and management of widespread events
  • Technical coordination and support on the territory

Service Desk for Engineering

  • 1st and 2nd level support H24 service delivery
  • Multilingual Help Desk


Emergency Service for 2iReteGas

  • H24 Contact Center for Emergency Response
  • Activities with Authority audits
  • Engagement and management available on the national territory

Monitoring and Contact Center for ARNEG

  • Monitoring and remote management of refrigerated counters and fridges
  • Contact Center H24 for coordination of Assistance Centers
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management

TOP CLIENT Contact Center for Telecontact (TIM)

  • H24 service for:
  • Support to TIM TOP customer company contacts for company REF management, clarifications, and contractual changes
  • Support to company representatives for P.A. for TIM for corporate REF management, clarifications, and contractual changes


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