Digital infrastructure

Digital transformation promises benefits but brings more experience for the challenges ahead. It is increasingly important for companies to be able to rapidly dispose of digital resources for the needs of an ever-changing market.

Systems and resources must be increasingly performing to respond to the frenetic evolution of the digital world, where some of the most critical processes for the company revolve around technology.


The solutions for the Data Center offer a decisive contribution because they allow to simplify and optimize the infrastructure with enormous benefits in reducing costs and increasing the level of performance.

NetCom Group helps companies identify the most reliable and performing IT infrastructure for optimal and scalable performance.

  • Server, Consolidation and Hyperconvergence;
  • Systems Virtualization
  • Storage,
  • Networking;
  • Data Center Facilities



NetCom Group enables companies to face the challenges of Digital Transformation by adopting the right workstations. The digital world has infact undergone a decisive change in just a few months: organizational models changed to reorganize spaces and give business continuity. Among these  Smart Working.

  • PC, Notebook and Tablet;
  • Collaboration Software;
  • Software Development & System Integration

One of the Group’s portfolio services is Fleet Management.

The proposal includes the services described below:

  • Desktop supply
  • Laptop supply
  • Image installation
  • Direct shipping to the customer’s premises
  • Replacement or restoration of damaged equipment in collect & return mode
  • Remote fault monitoring
  • Specialized technician throughout the national territory
  • Management of forklift equipment for H24 restoration
  • Antivirus software, monitoring, remote management, license optimization

A centralized logistics warehouse houses the CUSTOMER’s equipment to cover staging needs for an average storage period of 3 months with insurance coverage for fire and theft. The warehouse has different types of storage areas (new material, material in transit, material under repair and discarded material), an outfitting area and a workshop for repairs. The service will be provided on the basis of the procedures agreed with the CUSTOMER during the startup phase.

NetCom is able to provide Install-Move-Add-Changeservices (IMAC) services in the manner and for the activities requested by the CUSTOMER and will be responsible for ensuring the integrity of the data and equipment subject to the service during the transport phases; it will also be able to manage the needs regarding the disposal and of obsolete material subject to the service through the purchase of material that is no longer usable.

As part of the Staging service regarding the stations, a specific support service is provided for the management of PDL hardware failures; this service will be provided in Service Desk mode through communication channels dedicated to the CUSTOMER (email and telephone number).

The Service Desk will be the contact point for the following types of requests:

  • Supply of new PDLs
  • PDL hardware assistance in the service area
  • IMAC requests at the laboratory

The Service Desk will proceed with taking charge of the CUSTOMER user reports by tracing the request on the Trouble Ticketing system and will manage the entire process of managing the request (opening report to the Vendor, coordinating intervention for repair / replacement at the laboratory and checking the outcome of the intervention).


Data protection and business continuity have now become a real priority for companies.

The push towards digitalization has led to the progressive increase of data produced by virtual technologies. Ensuring their rapid usability in the event of an accident or unexpected event is a fundamental element in order to avoid the risk of loss but also the disbursement of large sums of money.

Thanks to the use of excellent results and the best application processes, NetCom Group supports companies in promoting resilience in the event of an incident, guaranteeing business continuity through BackUp, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures in Standard or As a Service mode.

Business Continuity is the set of three fundamental and complementary factors:

  • Data Protection: Data Protection. The ability to preserve the privacy of information, i.e. the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data, technology and regulations related to sensitive data.
  • High Availability: High Availability. The tools and technologies (including hardware and software backup resources) that enable a system to quickly recover data and applications.
  • Disaster Recovery: The Emergency Recovery. The process, policies and procedures related to the preparation for the restoration or continuity of the technological infrastructure essential for companies after an unforeseen or man-made disaster.


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