Media & Telco

In an increasingly converging scenario, while traditional telecommunications operators and media companies challenge each other every day to offer the most up-to-date voice and video services to such a demanding market made up of businesses and consumers, the NetCom Group proposes its vision of state of the art of technological innovation.

This is done through the skills gained in over 10 years of high-level experience within the main players in those market sectors, whether they are service operators or equipment suppliers: all of this is summarized in the MEDIA & TELCO division.

Telco Offering

The Telco department has been the pillar around which the company began to operate and, year after year, demonstrates its ability to keep up to the expectations of its customers, helping them to develop their networks, both in mobile standards (from GSM, through UMTS and LTE, towards 5G), and in fixed access technologies (legacy PSTN, ADSL, FTTx) and in the transport protocol (traditional SDH / PDH, WDM, OTN).

Obviously, the transition of know-how to IP-based networks was the other key to staying at the top of technology, also providing ad hoc solutions tailored to customer needs, in order to obtain reliable and effective results.

Telco offering:

  • Network planning and design (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Network implementation and integration (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Network analysis and optimization (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Drive Test Analysis (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Coverage and interference analysis (fixed / mobile, 2G / 3G and 4G technologies)
  • Advanced networks (4G + 5G)
  • Performance monitoring
  • Helpdesk and maintenance

Media Offering

The Media department, born later, has become strategic for the growth of the company, thanks to the foresight of its engineers, who have transformed some of the ideas developed during university studies into skills, solutions, and products, helping customers to improve their performance, in video streaming, in the quality of video/audio content and in the life cycle of their devices, previously mainly STB and later tablets, smartphones, web applications and any device connected to the Internet.

Media Offering:

  • Mobile certification
  • Satellite communication
  • Digital TV services
  • IPTV services
  • OTT multimedia services
  • Integration of HW / SW systems of customized solutions
  • SW architecture analysis and development
  • Requirements analysis and design
  • Verification and validation (manual or automatic) (HW and SW)
  • Analysis and Failure reporting
  • Innovation and design.


Mobile access network in Huawei for TIM

  • Network performance KPI analysis and optimization
  • Comparative analysis and test drive execution
  • Definition of the frequency plan
  • Coverage and interference analysis
  • Tuning and parameter setting
  • Pre / Post Swap Performance Comparison
  • Site traffic balancing

FTTH fixed access network in Huawei for TIM

  • Technical review for FTTH preliminary design and as-built design provided by the Customer, with verification of compliance with the Customer’s standard and with the real-time situation
  • Verification of the documentation for finalizing the network and uploading to TIM systems
  • Check for any anomalies in the progress of the network
  • Control of incoming and outgoing materials
  • Internal billing of material costs

PSTN fixed access network in Huawei / Sirti for TIM

  • Decommissioning
  • Drafting of operational plans for TIM central offices
  • Site survey
  • Consolidation process design
  • First level support for field technicians
  • Helpdesk



  • Playback scenario based on OTT-Television
  • Development of interactive applications for the ROKU platform (eg NowTV, NowTV Smart Stick)
  • Verification and validation of developed applications
  • Benchmarking: differences between NowTV, Netflix, and Infinity
  • Firmware update of the set-top-box via an Internet connection

DVB-S / S2 / S2x satellite platform for SKY

  • Requirements analysis and definition of the architecture
  • Application deployment, verification, and validation
  • Definition of the acceptance test plan
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) for satellite simulation to validate the environment and E2E
  • Verification and validation to certify applications
  • Download, update and check of the software on the set-top-box of the configuration firmware via the satellite channel


  • Test and validation of the DVB-T environment for each component
  • Simulation of signals on different transport flows by modulating and demodulating them
  • Configuration of a test environment to broadcast MHP / HBBTV applications
  • Deploy, real-time update, and test MHP applications using compatible set-top-boxes
  • Creation and transmission of TeleText / EPG applications
  • HW and SW validation according to DigiTV


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