Netcom Group is a definition of integrated firms that have been on the market for several years: Core Informatica, Media Motive, Netcom Industry, Netcom Sistemi. The Group is a constitutional bringing together of these entrepreneurial experiences.

The company has a strong growth trend and aims to consolidate its position in traditional markets, as well as to explore and penetrate new development opportunities in the global market.


Co – responsibility in the growth of customers, providing solutions and support for the making of development projects;
Contribution of a systemic approach to the growth of targeted markets;
Attention to the growth of all employees promoting professional well-being and motivating them to achieve the best performance ever.
Group’s primary objective is to support companies in their daily ideation creation activities and help the development of new products and services with the aim of “Producing value in every action.”


At the origins of every great group, there is always a dream for it to become reality and this must be nourished with talent.

Competitiveness, solidity, and credibility: growth-oriented ideas.

Aiming at innovation and pro activation using confrontation and the total dialog with all stakeholders interested in building and pursuing excellent results.
“People who work happy is a job that makes you happy”


Develop work excluding all forms of wastage and promoting long-term sustainability.

Solidarity and Foster Care
Company perceived as a single body composed of many elements that need to interact and integrate with a common purpose: Solidarity.
Team spirit inspired by a value of Reliance Mutual.

Balance with each partner in a joint comparison and growing shared.

Continuous Improvement
Grow steadily and well balanced to consolidate its market position.
Business improvements are what makes individual progress.

Commitment to bear the consequences of any action.
The sense of responsibility directs the right reactions to the interlocutors.