The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm has led to the construction of technological environments based on device communication. In this scenario, solutions have been developed for the intelligent management of various services, such as those related to Smart Cities. In such a scenario, widespread use is that of Smart Homes, environments that can provide management help and intelligent and tailored services to users. This paper aims to present an Internet of Things-based approach to Smart Home management. The proposed approach, which leverages graph approaches, enables the extraction and processing of contextual data, collected from sensors, and probabilistic approaches able to provide valuable information and autonomous actions. The system training phase is performed using graph approaches, which could represent an increase in Context and Situation Awareness. In the experimental phase, a prototype is used to test the proposed method’s energysaving and ventilation management capabilities, which shows encouraging findings. 


Read here: An Internet of Things based approach for Smart Home Management | Research Briefs on Information and Communication Technology Evolution 


F. Colace, A. Lorusso, F. Marongiu, D. Santaniello, A. Troiano, C. Valentino