Verification and Validation

The verification and validation process guarantees the quality assurance of the platforms and tools used in various application areas.

In particular, the automatic testing process guarantees a higher level of coverage to ensure that the activities are not only performed correctly but remain protected and carried out in the manner defined by the applicable standards and technical specifications.

Furthermore, the automation process allows not only to speed up testing operations, replacing the actions performed manually by a user with the development of a single script (and its possible rework) but also to be able to program 24 × test campaigns. 7 thus optimizing execution times.

NetCom provides ITSQB certified personnel with skills in software and system testing, as well as providing certification to the final customer.

V&V Offer

All this translates into a punctual approach, in which the protagonists are the testing methodologies, the design of the business requirements, the execution of the tests, the verification of the release, and the monitoring of the entire process. Through careful control and 360-degree expertise, NetCom is, therefore, able to achieve the predefined quality objective while respecting costs.

The dedicated team, integrating into the software life cycle and relying on the experience of the recognized “V-model” and the AGILE methodology, can verify the correct functionality of the devices or applications to be tested.

  • Analysis of functional requirements and design of functional, performance, and load test cases
  • Simultaneous execution of a multiplicity of different test cases on different DUTs (Devices Under Test)
  • Verification of the functional coverage required
  • Storage of test session results and production of customized dashboards
  • Report generation and alerting


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