Data analytics & automation

Uniforming and managing the data shared in the company and having a history of usable information is essential. NetCom Group helps companies in transforming data into information to support and benefit decision-making processes, through a consultative approach of process analysis, choice of technology and implementation and automation of the Data Analytics system.

& Analytics


Use the information gathered through a business intelligence strategy to increase the competitive advantage. A precise objective that derives from the corporate vision and the objectives of the strategic management of a company.


In the most modern databases, that is those based on the relational model, the data are divided into special tables by topics and then these are divided into categories (fields) with all the possible operations mentioned above. This division and this functionality make databases considerably more efficient than a data archive created for example through the file system of an operating system on a computer, at least for managing complex data.



Automation of business processes through the use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools using “intelligent” software (the so-called “robot software”) that can automatically perform the repetitive activities of operators, imitating their behavior and interacting with applications computer scientists in the same way.


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