Nowadays the world of transport is constantly evolving through the daily introduction, in the production cycles, of new technologies embracing various fields (e.g. electrical, mechanical, IT, environmental etc).

The Transport division at NetCom Group provides its customers with complete and cutting-edge engineering solutions, which often lead the direction of the transport market towards increasingly connected and safer vehicles and towards electric-hybrid engines, which reduce environmental impact.


The TRANSPORT division at NetCom Group makes use of the expertise and experience of about 150 engineers, who work directly with our customers or in the high-tech laboratories in Naples, Modena, Turin and Milan, where they carry out SW development activities, Verification & Validation activities, and research activities.


Design Studio

Styling Digital

  • Concept & Research
  • Design & Development
  • Engineering
  • Modeling (Class A B C)

Color & Trim

  • Research
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Full C&M

UI / UX Design

  • Concept & Process / Layout & Design / Wireframing
  • VR Support
  • 3D images & realistic previews

Render & Video

  • 3D Visualization Software
  • Ray casting materials
  • Global Illumination
  • 3D Model Rigging
  • Postproduction

Engineering R&D

  • Metallic & Composite Components & Assemblies
  • Light weight Body & Trim, Chassis, Structures and Suspension
  • High performance Engine, Powertrain & Transmission
  • Light weight Materials; Aluminum, Composites (Carbon fiber, Glass fiber), Plastics, Steel, high strength Steels
  • Requirements & Modular Concept Development
  • Packaging
  • Master Sections
  • 2D Parts, Assembly and Installation Drawings & Parts Lists
  • Creation of Full3D SOI
  • Ergonomic Studies
  • Mesh creation for static, dynamic and crash analysis
  • Linear / Nonlinear static analysis (NVH, Buckling)
  • Topology Optimization
  • Reference and Capabilities for Exterior Trims
  • DMU
  • o.M.
  • Design to functionality, to cost
  • Manufacturability check

Electric & Eletronics design & Validation

  • EE Architecture & System design& validation
  • Powertrain Control System (control system design, vadidation & calibration
  • Powertrain Hybrid System
  • Infotainment System
  • Body Control Module
  • Instrumental Panel Cluster
  • Braking System Module
  • Vehicle dinamic control
  • Software Development for all systems (c, c++, linux, Model based)
  • Safety ISO 26262

NetCom Group has been developing research projects in collaboration with some universities, for years, on ADAS, Cyber Security, for the Automotive and Automation fields, considering the direction of the transport market towards IoT, V2V and V2I solutions, which allow vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and with the infrastructures surrounding them, while ensuring security and safety.

Major Projects

NetCom Group boasts world-class brands among its customers, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, CNH, FCA, Magneti Marelli, for which the company has been carrying out the development and the validation of functions related to Battery Voltage, Fuel Management, Tire Pressure, Navigation systems, Pedestrian Assist, BAP, Side Assist, Park Assist, Service Key for IPC, BCM, Infotainment Control Units, as well as the development and the validation of control and calibration algorithms for ECMs, TCMs etc


Our software factory employs over 50 engineers specialized in:


Software development for embedded systems, using the Model Based Design (MBD) or C handCode technique, compliant with the AUTOSAR standard (in the case of automotive applications) following the entire V development cycle.


Model In The Loop (MIL), Software in the Loop (SIL) and Hardware in the Loop (HIL) analysis for the verification and validation of the hardware and software architecture

The development process is based on the Agile approach, which allows for a complete control of the project in all its aspects (engaged resources, risk management, SW releases, requirement changes, etc.).

NetCom Group has been certified ASPICE – Level 2 since 2017; ASPICE – Level 3 certification is on its way.


Software Requirement Analysis


Software Design


Software Construction


Software Integration and Testing


Software Testing


Project Management


Quality Assurance


Configuration Management




Change Request Management

Main Software


Work with us

NetCom Group offers interesting career opportunities at national and international level

Ethical Code

Rules and guidelines for the activities and actions of collaborators in view of the common goals