Public Administration

NetCom Group Public Administration division provides outsourcing services, the commitment of which is concentrated within the strategic activity processes of Local Authorities and their investee companies. It is the right partner to design services for the institution and the citizen, plan their implementation, find the necessary resources, implement and manage activities over time, ensuring continuity of service.

It supports the Administrations with specialized and dedicated resources, with domain, process, innovation, and consulting skills, supported by the Research and Innovation laboratories.

Being a partner, which is the method we favor in the commercial approach, in our opinion means providing concrete solutions, sharing in the risk, and being co-responsible for the success and the achievement of the Administrations.


The Public Administration division has a consolidated presence in the digitalization of the Local Public Administration and specializes in outsourcing services for Municipalities and Metropolitan Cities.

The Public Administration division, producer and owner of software for the management of Local Authorities, has a complete offer for the management of Municipalities, in perfect compliance with the guidelines of the Digital Agenda.

Furthermore, its research and innovation laboratories guarantee specialized solutions in the management of processes and procedures and in the concrete development of technology for the territory.

Main Projects


Some of the main projects released by the Public Administration division solve problems related to the Environment and Territory, Health and Social Services, Culture and Tourism, Taxation, Mobility, School and Urban Security, Energy Efficiency, with particular attention to online and mobile services.

The Public Administration division pays particular attention to Healthcare, a segment in which the progressive aging of the population, new migratory flows, higher quality of life expected, constitute the challenges of the third millennium; the division is the right partner for a market in which it operates with attention to business but also to ethics, with the aim of improving the quality of services and making them safe, effective, efficient and accessible to all.

The need for health is – and will continue to be – a growing trend within which balancing with shrinking economic resources requires organizational and technological innovation, which sees the greater diffusion of Information Technology as one of the fundamental drivers.

We provide integrated solutions of products, services, and consultancy for e-health, guaranteeing the governance of the health machine at all levels, from the entire organizational chain to e-health, both centrally and peripherally, where we provide support to ASL and companies that deal with hospitals.


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