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Who we are

NetCom Group was founded in 2006. Today it is already among the European giants both in terms of solidity and dynamism in engineering consultancy. The Group was born as a natural evolution from the encounter of various entrepreneurial experiences. A result achieved thanks above all to an efficient team of engineers who have conceived brilliant and at the same time innovative ideas in various sectors starting from the automotive sector switching to telecommunications, transport and avionics defense systems.

Netcom Group is a company leader in software development, software validation and testing automation.  We propose both solution consultancy to clients and “finished product”. With the company headquarters in Naples but present with various offices in Italy.  Its customers are among the most important global players such as Ferrari and Lamborghini,  the FCA Group, but also Nokia and Siemens, Sky Italia and Vodafone, H3G, Huawei, Cisco System, Lottomatica, Luxottica, Banca Intesa, Banco BPM. NetCom has also launched a series of strategic acquisitions of other companies, starting from the hi-tech sector of Core Informatica, a company highly specialized in technical support for infrastructures. It is therefore a reality we have a strong continuing  growth and expansion, today with over 600 employees located in Italian offices of Naples, Rome, Turin, Modena and Milan.

Leading the group is Domenico Lanzo, a graduate in physics, president and administrator, an innovator and also a great motivator, with years of professionalism and aimed at increasing the development of Made in Italy companies and the management of human resources. The company has a steadily growing growth trend and aims to consolidate its positioning in traditional markets, as well as to explore and penetrate new development opportunities in the global market.

Mission & Vision

NetCom does not come from the perception and direction of a single person, it is not the last personal pioneering enterprise in a competitive and highly qualified sector. The secret is the solidity of this group, capable of operating competently in Italy and in the world, which lies in the balanced and precise mix of attitudes and personalities that lead it. Each boat needs its own balance, a particular type of wood for the keel, that precise type of shape for the bow. Even the fabric of which the sails are made has its importance in navigation perspectives.

From the beginning, born from a project of Domenico Lanzo, and from the first consolidation phases of NetCom, those who have marked the route, have taken care with dedication and foresight this exquisitely human and organizational aspect of the company, chiseling a trusted company over time capable of safely crossing that vast and crystalline ocean of opportunities and skills that the market offers.

Without unbalancing its structure it has managed to establish itself in difficult and competitive markets and to win positions of excellence without giving up its values and the quality of human capital.

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Fare, Prevedere, Risolvere, Condividere:
un insieme di capacità che NetCom Group applica ogni giorno nel proprio modello di business nei suoi vari aspetti.
Ogni squadra è formata da persone diverse fra loro e queste differenze sono il valore aggiunto che porta un vantaggio a tutto il gruppo.

NetCom Group è consapevole che in un team bisogna sentirsi rispettati nella propria individualità e che la crescita personale è alla base di uno sviluppo comune. Per questo valorizza il talento del singolo in modo da raggiungere il traguardo di tutti. Anticipare i tempi ed offrire ai nostri clienti soluzioni innovative, ma di eccellenza, rappresenta la nostra spinta verso il futuro.

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