Who we are

Founded in 2006, NetCom Group S.p.A. is an Italian consulting firm that provides advanced and innovative engineering services. The Group was born as a natural evolution in a meeting of various entrepreneurial experiences. This result was achieved thanks to an efficient team of engineers who conceived brilliant and at the same time innovative ideas, ranging from the telecommunications market to the media, transport, finance, Public Administration, and defense avionics systems.

NetCom Group S.p.A. is the undisputed leader in testing automation, software validation, and useful models for customized solutions. The Company with headquarters in Naples, but is also present throughout Italy and with customers who are the most important world players such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, the FCA Group, but also Sky Italia, Vodafone, H3G, Huawei, Lottomatica, Luxottica, Banca Intesa, Generali, Allianz, Comdata, Engineering, and Enel.

NetCom Group S.p.A. is a rapidly expanding reality, thanks also to the strategic acquisition of other companies, from Core Informatica, a Piedmontese company highly specialized in technical support for infrastructures, up to the newly acquired KNC (Kangaroo Net Company), an important Roman company that has been operating for over 20 years in the cybersecurity, enterprise, storage, and cloud solutions sector. To date, NetCom Group S.p.A. has over 700 professionals located in the offices of Naples, Rome, Turin, Modena, Milan, Ivrea, Pont Saint Martin, Padua, Trieste, Romania, and Bulgaria and is proud to say it also has a European representative office in Brussels.

The flagship of the company is the Research & Development department which deals with the innovation of the group’s processes and products and supports the markets in reference to innovative solutions.

Thanks to the structured relationship with the main universities and national research centers, the department develops its activities starting from frontier issues from a technological point of view.

This model allows us to be protagonists on innovative issues such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and, the latest technological challenge launched in 2020, Quantum Computing.

The Research and Development laboratory is an integral part of the corporate training process which backs up with scientific publications,  internships, and thesis activities in collaboration with the universities, funding research doctorates grants, and supporting professional paths designed ad-hoc for the employees of the group.

These objectives are achieved through co-financed research projects that allow us to actively experiment with technologies of interest, with patents and products.

In the center of Naples, there is a multidisciplinary laboratory that also acts as a showroom for research activities.

Leading NetCom Group S.p.A. is the CEO Domenico Lanzo. Physicist, innovator, and a great motivator, who with experience and professionalism for years aims to increase the growth of the Group and to consolidate its positioning in traditional markets, as well as to explore new development opportunities in the global market.

Mission &

It is our fundamental mission to promote the concept of sustaining and enhancement by getting the best out of our employees.

Values such as transparency, intellectual honesty, and above all active collaboration between colleagues have the explosive power to make training a common goal.

The enhancement of more personal aspects, such as family balance and the sharing of useful solutions for maintaining a good company atmosphere, benefits from company policies such as welfare.

It is part of our corporate mission to consider “profit” not so much as a final goal but above all as a tool to grow and evolve.


  • Do
  • Forsee
  • Solve
  • Share

Do, Forsee, Solve, Share

A set of capabilities that NetCom Group applies every day in its business model in its various aspects. Each team is made up of different people and these differences are the added value that brings an advantage to the whole group.

NetCom Group is aware that in a team one must feel respected in one’s individuality and that personal growth is the basis of common development. This is why it enhances the talent of the individual in order to reach everyone’s goal. Anticipating the times and offering our customers innovative but excellent solutions, represents our drive towards the future.

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Work with us

NetCom Group offers interesting career opportunities at national and international level

Ethical Code

Rules and guidelines for the activities and actions of collaborators in view of the common goals