TMS – Temperature Monitoring System

Temperature Monitoring System

The TMS is a stand-alone device that monitor the indoor temperature, thinked for business and private client. With the support of a dedicated hardware, controlled by a MCU, that system detect the indoor temperatur.

A report containing the daily retrieved temperatures is send to the user. The last can chose in which way the report has to be send: via SMS or through a dedicated dashboard on a webserver. The number of daily report is chose by the user (1 report/day, 2 reports/day …).

System power supply is a battery pack carefully selected to have the greater product life (Laboratory test has confirmed a duration of 2 years and 6 months in case of 1 report/day sent via SMS). As an optional PhotoVoltaic cell can be provided to the user. This transform the solar energy  into a current that can be used to recharge the battery pack. The TMS is proposed has an innovative temperature meter, for indoor use.

Cover Plastic cover fixed with two-sided tape
Protection IP54
Architecture Hardware CPU ATMega 328P
1 CH AD Enabled 8 bit
Primary Clock  8MHz
Secondary clock 32KHz
External Antenna
Power supply Rechargeable Battery Ni-MH 3,6V nominal 2000mAh;

Micro-USB rechargeable input.

External Power Supply with Solar Cell (optional)

Accessories Temperature Probe NTC10K, battery pack
Exsternal connection Micro-Usb/Ingressi Jack 3,5mm/ Reset Button
Mesurement data -20°C to 105°C +/- 1%
Communication channel GSM/GPRS module
Label CE