The target market is that of fixed and mobile telephony and communication networks based on TCP / IP protocols. The mobile and Internet boom has upset existing balances raising two specific needs: on the one hand the need for broadband which have more communicating contributions that are becoming “heavier” and reducing costs, and on the other hand the transmission of contents transmitted in the form of innovative services.
Netcom tracks and anticipates market trends meeting the needs of customers. Its goal is to offer an alternative to traditional counseling – still available – key in hand projects, thanks to the expertise and the high capability of management.


After a wide and extensive experience on terminals it has perfected in mobile networks. The services offered are varied: from network design to implementation. The optimization of performance, modernization and possible addition of new features, including support to roll out in the laboratory and in field, are among the services provided by the group.

The apparatus, to function properly, requires a complex configuration that uses a substantial amount of parameters. This requires specific skills that allow you to create a configuration file to be installed on the device.

Research and in-depth studies, thanks to collaboration with universities, have determined, as an added value, the development of ad hoc solutions customizable to the client and aimed at an effectiveand highly reliable result.

Soon Netcom is aiming at automizing TLC: activities that meet the needs of the customer in terms of simplifying the management of cost reduction.


Netcom is primarily aimed at mobile operators and vendors of telecommunication equipment.
For the Design of Network Netcom is able to offer:

  • a managed service “in house” following the customer input (specifications, times) giving the projected “key in hand”;
  • a managed service on field and under supervision of its client with Netcomengineers and technicians.

Regarding optimization Netcom, in addition to well-established networks (3G and 2G), is also involved in the development of the LTE standard, the new generation of mobile created to offer new services to users.

Another activity proposed by Netcom is the creation of configuration scripts.