The function of R&D in Netcom Group is obviously a key role; it deals with the design and development of a new product in compliance with strategic objectives, advancing business know-how, developing product technology process while also protecting industrial and productiveness. It also handles development projects, ensuring continuous progress in research and technology ensuring an adequate level of service. For Netcom R&D is the overall innovation, new technologies, and new ideas; Creating these innovations requires a considerable amount of investment from the Group in various fields. To create these innovations it assigns a significant amount of economic, instrumental and human resource to its goals so it can meet the standards it sets. In Italy, R&D business is one of the prerogatives of only a few large industries and Netcom, which aspires to become the absolute reference in its field, is adjusting itself accordingly.

Together all units of the company intersect and relate in Research&Development (R&D). Having considered the opportunity of an idea, from which technical specifications emerge, through articulated skills, a prototype is developed. If all has been carried out in the proper way and after precise market research the finished product comes out.

Testing Automation of Netcom Group is undergoing development for different systems: in addition to the mobile world there is work being done for the automotive world HIL simulators through and MHIL. In the latter case, the company-customer is offered a service-product of excellent quality / price ratio: with adequate investment to purchase a simulator so the customer can still reach its target.
The creation of platforms is also consistent for testing automation aimed at electronic radar boards for a project in Brazil.

The same applies to mobile Platform. R&D idea, in order to ensure an added value compared to what is already on the market, guarantees the birth of an innovative product. Netcom gives you the chance to perform the testing in graphical mode, and, therefore, easier (user-friendly), even to users who are not exactly experts in programming.

Important and crucial for the development of Netcom Group is the working relationship it has with the University of Naples Federico II. These synergies allow the company to carry out research keeping in step with the times and being the subject of extensive work published in scientific journals in the field.