Netcom Group and Premio Civitas 2015

Netcom Group and Premio Civitas 2015

Pozzuoli. Netcom Group is a sponsor partner of Premio Civitas 2015: the Temple of Serapis, picturesque landscape that is home delivery of Civitas 2015, will be illuminated thanks to a project of a famous study of international lighting with the significant contribution of Netcom Group. Sunday, October 4th the prize will be awarded astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, Neapolitan adoption, for basic training after years of Air Force Academy of Pozzuoli.

Together astronaut will be rewarded two other illustrious countrymen ambassadors ideals of artistic and cultural heritage of Campi Flegrei in World: director Giuseppe Gaudino, born in Pozzuoli and star in Venice, and in recent weeks across Italy, the success of the film ” For your sake,” and the theater director Franco Dragone, the genius of Cirque du Soleil that exported abroad its sophisticated talent from Campania with a cumulative audience of more than 85 million people.

The three winners will receive the Civitas 2015 made ​​by the artist Lello Lopez ( The award now in its nineteenth edition confirms its international vocation thanks to agreements that exceed the boundaries Italians. The Civitas 2015 has, in fact, support the WARP (World Russian Press Association), which represents more than 300 between heads and radio and television stations that broadcast in the Russian language, and the RBN (Russian Broadcasting Network), one of the largest communication in Russia and the world with its TV stations, radio, newspapers, news agencies: channels that reach the Russian-speaking community present in 180 countries.

“With Cristoforetti, Gaudino and Dragon – explains Paul Lubrano, producer of the award – Civitas celebrated with the names of great prestige. Moreover all our choices always stem from a desire to promote international cultural riches, and intellectual landscape of the Campi Flegrei and Pozzuoli, creating special ambassadors across the world with the support of the Campania Region. intentions strengthened this year with the memoranda of understanding signed with the RBN network, the association WARP and the Civitas Foundation Lermontov offering a huge sounding board, allowing us to reach an audience of tens of millions of Russian speakers around the globe”.

Netcom Group attentive to the events of his land and star of his time.