Media Motive is set to turbo-charge testing for the automotive industry.

Media Motive is set to turbo-charge testing for the automotive industry.

Media Motive will be at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart to showcase two revolutionary new products. B3 and M3 Alpha.

B3 is a digital break out box which revolutionises electronic fault testing. Available off the shelf, B3 uses an innovative UI to create faults automatically and can be re-configured for use with any vehicle. Faults are initiated via a user interface with no requirement to physically ‘break’ connections and the compact size and simple operation makes testing on moving vehicles possible. Programmable and easy to use fortestingin-vehicle, as well aswith testbed and Hardware-In-the-Loop systems, B3 delivers the future of fault testing.

M3 Alpha takes an equally innovative approach to the software validation process. M3 Alpha is a product that delivers automated, configurable automotive software testing for ECUs and vehicle systems. Software tests can be created using any automotive simulator available on the market using an easy to use drag and drop UI accessible from any location worldwide, thanks to the client server architecture. Users can build complex test processes, and save, re-run and scheduled them as required. Detailed customisable reporting is created in real time, avoiding the post-processing bottle neck. Flexible, precise and powerful, every test and every report you need from one product.

See them at Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, 31 May – 2 June, Stand 1.1901

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