M3 has been designed to test not only applications for specific operating systems (Android – iOS – Windows Mobile) but also that of web applications that run on Tablet or Smartphone.

The platform, utilizing hardware and software components, once connected to the device sends information. Depending on the reaction of the APP it properly verifies the functionality of the application. The test is displayed graphically and sent running.

Black Box Testing: the application installed onto tablet and / or smartphone will cyclically verify a successful procedure. To test the performance you can keep operating system H24 on as in process verification so that the app responds automized; the only prerogative maneuver the user has to do is connect the device to the PC and run it. This information is collected automatically, and a report allows for a proper verification performance.

The competitive advantage of this platform or real added value is that if there is an error it is not necessary to rewrite the test, just send it back running. In technical terms, it is called “non-regression test”, in other words it is to verify that the APP has not regressed compared to previous versions.

Automation allows to speed up the test for the App, optimizing and reducing development time, replacing the action carried out manually by a user and integrating it with the additional benefit of feedback that comes directly from the device.
M3 is aimed at companies on the market that develop applications.