Looking towards the future to plan the present

Looking towards the future to plan the present

Cutting edge Italian technology for the communications and automotive business

Information engineering is the driving force behind the new economy. Complex processes have been made simple thanks to smart innovations launched by hitech companies which are hyperspecialised in Information and Communication Technology, and which have found the way to develop solutions are able to overcome even the boldest challenges. We are speaking of a business sector, the advanced tertiary sector, which has undergone major evolution in Italia in recent years, thanks to the intuition and genius of daring and open minded businessmen, who have achieved, thanks to their daily work, what others would consider to be futuristic.

Domenico Lanzo is one of these. Domenico Lanzo was the founder, back in 2006, of Netcom Engineering, and today he is at the helm of Netcom Group Spa, which also gathers around it other “jewels” of Italian communications engineering, such as Media Motive, Netcom Industry and Eco Plus. Each of these companies is successfully engaged in a different field of application: from automotive to communications, from transport to avionics and defence. In terms of the products and services it offers, Netcom Group is one of the most highly appreciated companies in Europe providing specialised consultancy services, thanks to brilliant hi-tech solutions, tailor designed by a dynamic and flexible ream consisting of 210 company people. The majority of these are communications and automation engineers, who help their partners to cut production times and costs, improve business processes and become more competitive. Among their clients, the company boasts such important global players as Vodafone and Huawei, Sky Tv, Alstom, Lamborghini and FiatChrysler, to mention just a few.

“Our deep knowledge of the life cycle of software, which comes from the business and academic experience of the people who work with us, allows us to furnish solutions which always provide top performance and are innovative”, says Domenico Lanzo. “The common denominator shared by the different companies of our group is that they are constantly engaged in the struggle to achieve leadership in the field of technology, creating new opportunities for our partners”.

The company was one of the stars of the latest edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the most important event in the world in the mobile phone business, where they presented the preview of the latest Netcom brainchild, the M3 platform: a plug and play solution which can run non-stop while providing high quality results. “The challenge we are launching with M3 – adds the technical manager, professor Giovanni Fiengo – is to provide simple solutions to keep up with constant evolution in terms of software quality and performance, with brilliant and reliable results”. This is a platform for automatic tests, distributed as a hardware product, which automates and rationalises the whole testing processing, including applications and interoperation. “We like to do just a few things, but well. My dream – concludes Domenico Lanzo – is to see Netcom Group evolve into a multinational corporation”.

Article on Platinum – March 2015