IT – System software


Netcom is renowned for its technical expertise, its high scrutiny in the selection of staff and the forming of its team, and its capability to give quick prompt and effective responses to its client’s needs based on quoted times and costs.

Netcom establishes a relationship of trust with its customers, accomplishing the role of a reliable partner.
The Group guarantees added value in the management of a project from beginning to end. Correspondingly it offers support and advice to clients on highly specialized issues.
The mission of IT – Software system develops in different ways: activities, technologies, and stages.


Competence center IT- Software Systems deals with the following:

  • to design and develop integrated software systems;
  • specialist consultancy in software engineering & development;
  • the development of products and software solutions for the market.

Netcom, at the forefront of state of art software technology, aims at exploiting variable technologies to turn it into a bonding opportunity.

Technologies Web / Enterprise:

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • JQuery e altri framework Javascript
  • Java EE
  • .Net

Mobile technologies:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Mobile
  • Cross Platform (PhoneGap)


  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Code Opmization
  • Data Analysis
  • Sistemi Intelligenti

Skills in leading a software project at every stage and cycle of its making.

Netcom Designing is responsible for:

  • Elicitation of requirements: the emergence of user requirements to define the specification;
  • Requirements Analysis: translation requirements in project elements starting from the highest level and then to the lowest level
  • Architecture design: definition and validation of architecture software by specifying components, functional responsibilities and technology support.

Development can be done in the following ways:

  • Agile: prompt lean methodologies oriented towards the final result (e.g. Adopted by mobile and web); SCRUM methodology;
  • Structured: phases defined, controlled by precise milestone project with activities organized in a precise flow (used e.g. In the aerospace industry because it provides higher quality in the process)

Validation is done through:

  • Unit Testing: testing activity (white, black and gray box) in order to verify the correct operation of the individual software modules;
  • Integration Test: To verify that the components and systems are properly integrated;
  • System Test: Testing activities to test the system as a whole.

Activities developed by IT – Software Systems have a threefold nature depending on the type of intervention:
Consultation with the client in order to give support to the development, the management, and the use of integrated software solutions.
Netcom gives advice to its clients leaving management and projection to the development team.
This type of intervention is to help its client in its own workplace in projecting and developing the operation of integrated software systems. The technical leadership of the project is usually maintained by the client, which relies on the professional team Netcom only for advice and support.

Design and development of integrated projects in the factory.
Netcom takes on a 360° responsibility and commitment, studying the needs of its client and develops the project “in-house”, in accordance with customer requirements. The design and development of the software system are made in-house at our software factory together with the client who is then given the final result.

Solution developments for the market.
Design, development, and distribution of software solutions for the logistic market of the product.