In 2006, with a stagnant Italian consulting market, that focuses on the world of inflated traditional computing, the opportunity to identify areas offering specialized revolutionary solutions in all areas of engineering and information technology emerged.
The high cost and difficult outplacement contracted – as indeed they continue to do – the demand for investment in the search for innovative solutions and alternatives. Based on these considerations what immediately emerged was the need to seek professional figures and in quick appropriate times to find solutions for a more suitable market which was in rapid oscillation competitiveness.

What was needed was management of social safety nets, to contain operational costs, while maintaining efficient management of production time. All this was intended to encourage direct a professional training that would be appropriate to the changing needs of the market. Another objective was to ensure operation within the industry of advanced services while maintaining quality and professional advisory services.

The deliberate choice to diversify some production areas, in corporate contexts autonomous and dynamic, with complementary areas of the engineering market professional, then permitted, the fledgling group, positive performance, resulted in steady growth in sales and revenues in period – 2009-2013 – of severe global economic crisis.


NETCOM ENGINEERING, companies Consulting and System Integration, was placed on the market in January 2006 with the acquisition of Domenico Lanzo 40% of the shares of 3S Ltd. (established in 1997) and the participation of SPA Metoda for the remaining 60%. The first name, given by the combination of experience in the field of Information and participation of Metoda, was “Metoda Engineering” taking the place of the original 3S srl.
After the first year of activity, Metoda Engineering opted for an expansion accepting corporate managers with proven commercial experience.

Knowledge of a multinational business management and enhancement of personnel competence with high-profile technology experience, are the result of operations managers which are well-known to the French international consulting group. Applying the principles and processes, taken from previous experience, the provision of engineering consultancy services focusing the activities exclusively within the Telecommunications, Media, and Automotive is taken care of.

A corporate reorganization door then Netcom Engineering (formerly Method engineering) control the majority of the units other than the investor Metoda Spa
Since 2009 Netcom Engineering continues to encourage the start-up of business initiatives, especially with the establishment of Media Motive. At start-up adding new investments in public companies as Ecoplus, devoted to alternative markets in the service sector and industrial supplies aimed at the Public Administration. Minority stakes in consortia dedicated to the areas of research help to keep an eye on the future with feet firmly in the present.