From Wi-Fi to Li-Fi: here we are…

From Wi-Fi to Li-Fi: here we are…

In a near future using the Internet will be even simpler than it is now … let’s say that it will be as simple and easy as turning on a light, thanks to the new LI-FI technology. The term was coined by Harald Haas in 2011, during his speech held at the TED Global during which he presented a new LED device able to transmit data in a safer and more efficient way.

Professor Haas’ idea seems to have become real, thanks to joint work between the National Instruments institute and the University of Edinburgh. “We are still doing research, but the perspective/outlook that is coming to life is quite fascinating,” these are Chan’s words who is in charge of US area of the project.

Data transmission through light offers several advantages:

  1. It is easily accessible and therefore costs can be contained;
  2. thanks to the absence of radio interference, it can also be used in places in which technical devices may not usually be used for security issues;
  3. Ability to reach many places , thus introducing new technologies in developing countries.

The disadvantage may depend on the fact that the signal, travelling with light, could remain confined between walls (which reduce security problems caused by interception), but the University of Edinburgh is working on a way of making it “bounce”from a “lamp”to another, to overcome this difficulty.

So we could say farewell to sophisticated systems of transmission, such as crammers and antennas: all we need is a small processor to transform an ordinary led light bulb to a router able to transfer audio / video content from one device to another.

Giuseppe Aprea