From Netcom Engineering to Netcom Group

From Netcom Engineering to Netcom Group

8December 3, 2014 – Netcom Engineering announced a change in the company’s name: the company would be called NETCOM GROUP SPA


Naples. Netcom Engineering announced the decision to change the corporate name of the entire group of companies, making it Netcom Group spa. A decision that is in line with the many and varied fields in which runs the activities of the group, whose cutting-edge technology is employed within Automotive, in Air, in services for the PA, in Media, and in ‘IT and industries related to TLC. The decision was part of a larger project to reorganize and strengthen the markets of expertise which started in December 2013 with the conversion of Netcom Engineering SPA and consolidated in 2014.

“The Netcom Group is a company – said the Chairman Domenico Lanzo – with the experience and culture of innovation necessary for a positive impact on the world. We have for many years proved excellent capacity and intend to continue to do so within technological solutions. Strong competition in the markets, due to the ongoing crisis, feeds our innovative spirit and allows us to attract the best professionals. Exploration of new frontiers provides a platform for the global market. We exist to win and establish ourselves, and our Mission has this ambition. ”

“For some time we started to diversify the business, with the result that today we are much more than a business. We have more than 200 people who work with us in various ways engaged in various fields, from automation to the management of radar, through the TLC and the Media. The technology – continues Lanzo – guide everything we do, from creating the most advanced technical solutions to work with major corporations to increase their performance and their products. Our new name reflects the natural evolution of the encounter of diverse business experience: Netcom Industry, Motive Media and Eco Plus. The plurality of our skills is a guarantee of the growing concentration of innovation and technological development. ”

In short, a company created ten years ago and that, through the successes, has managed to establish itself in entirely new industries, mainly thanks to the winning mentality and innovative leadership. With the change of name, we want to emphasize how the diverse expertise of the different companies that form the group is – and will be in the future – the thread needed for the affirmation in markets expanding.