EMS – Energy Monitoring System

Energy Monitoring System

The EMS is a stand-alone device that monitor the energy consumption, thinked for business and private client. With the support of a dedicated hardware, controlled by a MCU, that system detect the enrgy consumption through the main meter. It detecs the LED control blinks located on the meter: Active Power (RA, 1W/h per blink) and Reactive Power (RR, 1VAr/h per blink).

A report containing the daily energy consumption is send to the user. The last can chose in which way the report has to be send: via SMS or through a dedicated dashboard on a webserver. The number of daily report is chose by the user (1 report/day, 2 reports/day …).

System power supply is a battery pack carefully selected to have the greater product life (Laboratory test has confirmed a duration of 2 years and 6 months in case of 1 report/day sent via SMS). As an optional a Split-Core current transformer can be provided to the user. This transform the magnetic filed around the main meter cable into a current that can be used to recharge the battery pack. The EMS is proposed to prevent energy wasting: monitoring the daily energy consumption the user can check in which moment of the day there’s energy wasting and so, take action to prevent it.

Cover Plastic Cover supported with an U bended bar and a double-sided tape
Protection IP54
Hardware Architecture CPU ATMega 2560
Primary Clock 8 MHz
Secondary Clock 32 kHz
Power Supply Battery Pack 2000mAh Ni-MH 3,6V Nominal.
USB 500mAh
Accessories Photodiodes (included)
Split core transformer (optional)
External Connections Micro-Usb
3 Input Jack 3,5mm
Reset Button
SMA Connector
Measurement Input Digital input CH1: up to 14,4kW/h
Digital input CH2: up to 14,4kW/h
Communication Module GSM/GPRS module
Label CE