Defense – Radar Industry


Integrated logistics in Italy and abroad in the field of airport infrastructure and systems of ATC (AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL)

Netcom, with controlled Industry, focuses its activities on production and maintenance in radar fields. For the end customer (the most prestigious SELEX-ES) the group provides a ‘global service’, both in Italy and abroad, when it comes to installation and maintenance of Radar equipment.


Air traffic control is extremely complex and delicate, even for the system of national defense, especially in the current socio-political risk context. The radars are installed in civil airports with operating H24, Netcom can offer the following services:

  • transmission of information;
  • distribution of energy;
  • maintenance of electrical installations,
  • maintenance of production plants,
  • processing, distribution and storage of energy;
  • activities of service maintenance, preventive and corrective call (urgent action on request).

Netcom provides support through a customer service HELP DESK: the customer may receive intervention of technical assistance on field or it can make a request for components as a further advantage over the traditional post-sales assistance.

Netcom can provide a redesign of both hardware and software parts of the apparatus according to the formula of the FIT FORM AND FUNCTION or have an upgrade of apparatus. It can solve obsolescence problems and the company has the ability to redesign and replace components capable of performing the same function.

Highly available for customers is an in-depth statistical study on the repetitiveness of the damage and the monitoring of consumption to optimize inventory management.


Netcom offers setting up services, installation, trading on the job and maintenance of facilities used for the air traffic control (ATCR – Air Traffic Control Radar):

  • primary radar systems – TSR (Primary Radar System);
  • MSSR (Secondary Systems);
  • Radio Assistance;
  • TVR;
  • TBT;
  • weather and automated systems;
  • auxiliary power systems.