Conference 2014

Conference 2014

pannello_definNetCom Group welcomed 2014 with a business convention: “Roots firm in the past with a concrete vision of the future.”


The end of year conference was held on Monday, December 22, 2014 in the beautiful structure of Pozzuoli, Hotel “The Gods”, never more an appropriate name, given the sunny and pleasant day. It was more than the closing of the year. There was talk of new horizons about the exciting activities of the Netcom Group. With great surprise, the working group, between the present and past workers, was pretty full; not taking for granted it was essentially the first such initiative. It registered great enthusiasm for the upcoming challenges towards occupational ideas with all the news given. There was a touch of charisma due to the presence of the President Domenico Lanzo . The mayor of Pozzuoli along with representatives of clients were also present in the packed hall.

The Conference lasted over half a day, starting in the early afternoon.

The conference began at approximately 15:30. This was after the blessing given by a father. It was also welcomed by the institutional mayor of Pozzuoli, Vincenzo Figliolia, who took the opportunity to thank the group for choosing his city as the event place, wishing for a good and prosperous 2015. It turned out to be complete in ways of presentation. There was an intro motivational video opening with a brief history of the company and the group before being handed over to the technical director prof. Ing. Gianpiero Fiengo and President Dr. Domenico Lanzo. Fiengo being like a teacher and the precision of an engineer spoke of “competence centers” and key customers explaining in detail what the services / products are that the Group is capable of offering.

Lanzo, rather than reporting on the results achieved in over the recent years with revenue target and business growth, focused his attention on objectives for the future in a company that, thanks to a solid past, can aspire to build a brighter future. Group’s growth and value skills of the employees are at the center of intervention. The brilliant president with a final subtle and cryptic message ended: “Doing what you do is how you do it.”

The afternoon continued with welcoming coffee breaks and a surprising visit to the Solfatara closing with a rich corporate dinner set up for this purpose in the halls of ” Hotel The Gods “.

This first convention of the Netcom Group gave grounds for a new phase of the company, more modern and true to its mission with the certainty and commitment of what the future holds.