An entrepreneurial reality in continual expansion

An entrepreneurial reality in continual expansion


“We exist to thrive and make a name for ourselves. This is our mission.” So speaks Domenico Lanzo, almost ten years after the founding of what today is called the Netcom Group, summarizing in this way the spirit and activity of a company dedicated to offering revolutionary specialized solutions in all sectors of engineering and computer science. In just a few years the company has become a leader in the market of telecommunications and transport and, on a route to continual growth, has begun to change its work sectors, implementing a development strategy for new services/products, specializing in automation and in control and checking, bringing a new company to life.

“For some years now we have begun to diversify our activity with the result that today we are more than just one company – confirms Lanzo -. We have more than 300 people working for us at various degrees of collaboration, employed in a great variety of sectors from automation to the management of radar, telecommunications, and the media”. This has led to a new name for the company, Netcom Group from Netcom Engineering, to bring out the diverse capabilities of the companies that make up the group: Netcom Industry, Media Motive, and Eco Plus.

“Technology guides us in everything we do – continues the founder – from creating the most advanced technical solutions to working with the most important companies to enhance their performance and products”. To reach the point of guaranteeing performance at such high levels and with an important innovative input, all of our personnel have university degrees in the various branches of engineering. Electronic and telecommunications engineers work transversely, both in the sectors of mass communication as in the more selective environments of defense and/or transport. Computer engineers and mechanics trade places, often, in joint analyses of industrial feasibility which require evolved solutions and knowledge of processes that lead to industrial assembly line production. The history of the group runs parallel to the academic world, the technical director, engineer Giampiero Fiengo, is a professor at the University of Sannio. These ties improve and perfect comprehension of the market through commercial experience. “All this – claims Fiengo – comes together to supply specialization without equals in the development of services produced, and creates the ideal conditions for the development of intelligent solutions for future challenges”. According to Lanzo, to achieve high quality with contained costs, three requisites are indispensible: attitude regarding industrial relations and maintaining the quality of services; organizational and managerial structure of the big companies optimized for the Italian context; and a company group that works as a financial motor for initial support.

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