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At NetCom Group, doing Research and Development means above all fueling innovation, new technologies and new ideas. Furthermore, the close collaboration with universities offers the possibility to students from different universities to carry out internships and experimental theses, thus living a first direct experience in the company.


These synergies allow NetCom Group to participate in research projects to focus on innovative issues such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and, the latest technological challenge launched in 2020, Quantum Computing.

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analysis

Internet of Things


Quantum Computing

Connected Automated Driving



BDA4PHR is the first open-source software platform for the management and analysis of Big Data in the healthcare sector. BDA4PHR is scalable, extensible and maintainable, offers repository and Big Data Analytics services dedicated to medical-health information, designed for the well-being of citizens and to increase awareness about their lifestyle.

(Start date 01/01/2017 – End date 31/12/2018)


REMIAM – Advanced Multimedia Intelligent Museums is a project that aims to improve the cultural accessibility of a museum and the surrounding area, through the paradigm of the” Network of Museums “. The aim is to generate new forms of technological innovation able to involve and systematize all human, material, and intangible resources available, fueling new communication and enhancement models, thanks to the tools offered by the web and social networks.

(Start date 01/05/2017 – End date 13/06/2021)


PAUN – Urban Archaeological Park of the city of Naples, is a project developed by the High Technology District for Cultural Heritage (DATABENC), in order to create the prototype of an Urban Archaeological Park of the City of Naples around the archaeological site of Piazza Municipio. The main objective of PAUN is to apply the “Smart Innovation” to the archaeological, historical, artistic and environmental heritage of the city of Naples for the cultural and economic revitalization of the territory.

(Start date 01/05/2017 – End date 13/06/2021)


Dermaspectroscope, is a system for the preventive diagnosis of skin melanoma through the measurement and analysis of edge symmetry, color and diameter of a mole. To better identify these parameters, an electronic board has been created that can drive LEDs that illuminate the mole with different wavelengths. The system stores the detected values in a patient card and makes comparisons with the same data acquired in previous visits to allow the doctor to evaluate the deviation.

(Start date 01/01/2018 – End date 31/12/2018)


HAVE – Holistic Automotive Validation Environment, is a project aimed at creating a technological platform (HAVE) for the multichannel connection of Hardware In the Loop (HIL) and Driver In the Loop (DIL) simulators with prototyping and testing environments in scenarios CAV (Connected and Automated Vehicles) and C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems).

(Start date 05/11/2018 – End date 30/06/2020)


AMICO – Medical Assistance In COntextual awareness, it is proposed to create an infrastructure, called an “instrumented environment”, consisting of the home environment and the person both appropriately equipped with sensors, by a telemedicine service platform (in the field Internet of Things) and by a robot that acts as a mediator between the person, the surrounding environment and the external environment. This infrastructure can offer both services oriented to the person in his home environment, monitoring their behavior and psycho-physical state, and telemedicine services to support the remote monitoring of patients undergoing rehabilitation therapies by doctors or caregivers.

(Start date 01/04/2018 – In progress)


e-MOBILITY, is a project that aims to introduce new components on full-electric vehicles currently available on the market, both in terms of powertrain and charging system with related infrastructure, introducing data-driven methodologies for the corresponding predictive maintenance of the systems and sub-systems identified.

(Satrt date 01/09/2020 – In progress)


c-MOBILITY, the project is aimed at creating services for cooperative driving between vehicles connected to a Smart Road, in which to develop and test efficient algorithms for monitoring the driver and for the prediction of potential risks/dangers for drivers, passengers, and users of a road infrastructure according to V2X paradigms.

(Start date 01/09/2020 – In progress)


MAGIC – Manuscripts of Girolamini in Cloud, has as its ultimate goal the creation of a Service Center for ancient books and manuscripts, taking the Biblioteca dei Girolamini in Naples as the first step for the entire project.

(Start Date 01/06/2021 – In progress)

MEDIA – Advanced multimedia digital emotional museum

MEDIA – Advanced multimedia digital emotional museum, is an innovative project that aims to expand the museum visit path on an emotional level using the most modern technologies that can be configured to provide a new and unique cognitive, immersive and cultural path of the works.

The technology to support and integrate the new museum itinerary will be: a multichannel web platform for cultural operators who will be able to enrich their visit to the museum with high-tech services, both in person and remotely; the mobile application to be used as an advanced multimedia guide to explore cultural spaces; the study of the visitor’s emotions during his visit to provide support and feedback with respect to the exhibition context and the usability of the works contained therein.

The final image of this project will be a new concept of museum 3.0, spread throughout the territory, easily usable onsite and online, adaptive to different user targets and technologically advanced.

(Start date April 2022 – In progress)




Internet of Things

Big Data Analisys

Semantic Processing



Cyber Security

Quantum Computing

Quantum Simulation

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